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Dave Stephen is a Business and I.T. Consultant and Director of Companies in Australia. He has had expatriate and local management assignments in Australia, South Africa, USA, UK, Brazil and South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore).

This book is a factional story about the situation in Southern Africa in the period 1986 through 1990 when Nelson Mandela was released from prison and he and President F.W. de Klerk brokered an unlikely and peaceful transition to majority rule in South Africa.

The book links the various countries, characters and issues that prevailed at that time including the war in Angola, the power of political unrest and border insurgency with the role of Russia, Cuba, the USA and the United Nations

The Helderberg

The Helderberg was flying from Taiwan to Mauritius when fire erupted in the hold of the dual passenger / cargo Boeing 747 ultimately destroying the vital flight controls and resulting in the loss of the aircraft and all 159 passengers and crew.

The Helderberg was carrying volatile chemicals and weapons for the South African Defence Force that were top secret. Despite the grave situation on board the Captain was instructed to proceed directly to Mauritius and not divert to a closer airport.

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